Sustainability a Top Priority For Alejandro Pena at Keter

Keter is a lifestyle brand that designs household goods that will last a lifetime. The company is determined to reduce its carbon footprint at each stage of the manufacturing process, starting from the initial design phase and going up through the value chain.

Alejandro Pena has the role of Chief Executive Officer of Keter. There are three fundamental aspects of sustainability that drive Keter’s business strategy. This is how Pena bases all of his business decisions. These pillars include better goods, businesses, and a better planet.

Keter’s executives aren’t the only ones who value sustainability. Pena stated that “Every day, our colleagues around the world rise to the occasion. They believe in the future and that we can build a better organization for future generations.” The company’s success in reaching its sustainability targets is due to its passion and commitment.

Better Products

Keter’s products provide customers with many advantages, one being durability. The company’s products are of the highest quality and are made to last a lifetime. Keter’s commitment to creating high-quality goods is proven daily because all its products can be recycled. Alejandro Pena says, “We don’t believe single-use items are good for anyone, especially the environment.” Keter used over 160,00 tons of recycled material in the year 2021. For perspective, this figure is five times greater than the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

Not only are Keter’s products environmentally-friendly and recyclable. The actual design of the products takes into consideration how precious space is. Therefore, form and function play just as big a role in each Keter product’s design as the item’s aesthetic. Keter products are made with the intent that they will be used by people who love the outdoors, so its three pillars of sustainability help fulfill that end use.

Better Business

Alejandro Pena’s commitment to sustainability is more important than ever, as the Keter business currently has five production locations. Alejandro Pena and The Education Fund partially created the Keter green spaces program as a community outreach project. Keter’s vision is that, through this program, future generations will become more environmentally conscious and encourage others to do the same.

Better Planet

Since its inception, Keter has made the environment a key tenet of its corporate culture. Keter set itself a challenging target with the support of Alejandro Pena, which is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% in the year 2025. Keter is always searching for ways to improve its environmental footprint. The company continuously analyzes and improves processes to ensure that the health of the surrounding ecosystem is considered in all aspects of its commercial activities. The company, for example, participates in climate resilience projects and strives hard to reduce water consumption.

Keter believes that any company can have a strong impact on taking care of the world. Every member of the Keter company works hard at creating and constructing aesthetically pleasing and practical goods.

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