From AliPay to PortOne Global: Emerging Fintech Solutions Highlighted by Daniel Shin

Widely recognized for his entrepreneurial ventures, Daniel Shin has left his mark on the financial tech industry thanks to his work with PortOne Global. Shin is just one of the major names in the leading fintech industry which includes figures like Jack Ma and companies like AliPay

With so much money pouring into payment processing and digital transactions, it seems only necessary to take a closer look at the businesses leading the charge in innovation.

Let’s look at how figures like Daniel Shin and how companies like Paytm are making a difference in fintech.

Mobikwik – Payment Provider

Mobikwik is a top-tier payment provider based in India. A convenient mobile wallet helps users to access their finances no matter where they are shopping. Established in 2009, Mobikwik now features more than 3 million partners in the physical, billing, e-commerce, and retail sectors.

Mobikwik gives users the ability to transfer money from one account to the next, connecting banks to Mobikwik Wallets in a unified payment interface. User-to-user payments have also become available on the Mobikwik platform.

GoPay – Indonesian Payment Application

Part and parcel of the daily experience for Indonesian shoppers, GoPay is one part of the larger Gojek platform. GoPay enables consumers the ability to make secured payments without the use of a card or physical cash.

GoPay is accessible to mobile devices and transactions can be made both online in the application as well as in physical stores where GoPay merchants operate. GoPay is currently accepted by almost 900,000 Indonesian merchants.

PortOne Global – Daniel Shin’s Payment Processing

PortOne Global was founded by Daniel Shin in 2018 while the entrepreneur was undertaking efforts at TicketMonster. A leading payment orchestration provider, PortOne Global is exceptionally popular because of its multitude of payment options and conducive single-point API.

PortOne Global was founded to better address the fragmented and floundering payment landscape in Asia. PortOne utilizes a single API to make payment processing more accessible and convenient than ever, a fact that more than 2,500 global and Asian merchants can ascribe to.

Paytm – India’s Top Payment Application

We’re rounding out today’s conversation regarding the top payment orchestration providers in Asia by touting Paytm. Paytm is the complete payment application in India, and it has sat in that position since its release in 2009.

Twenty million businesses and merchants utilize Paytm for its digital payments. Three hundred million individuals use Paytm to process payments for bookings, bills, money transfers, and more. Paytm hopes to integrate more than 500 million unserved Indians into the mainstream economy through its application and services.

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