Bulking Up Your Manufacturing Inventory

When a manufacturer’s supply can’t keep up with customer demand, the entire operation could start to suffer. How do managers make sure that they don’t fall behind? Some solutions include revisiting their process for ordering as well as learning more organization-based stocking techniques.

When buying in bulk, manufacturers are able to haggle on the price of a large quantity of product. This cost-cutting method is common in this line of work. For example, it’s recommended that all oils, lubricants, and greases vital to the operation are bought in bulk.

From oil drums to containers holding more than 10,000-gallon containers, there are solutions at your service for these essential supplies if you have the space. Utilizing these vast vessels could also help in mitigating high disposal costs and environmental hazards due to less waste being produced. These routine preventative maintenance products tend to be used frequently; make sure to have a respectable supply on hand to avoid lost time, effort, and money.

Also, it’s important to remember the filters and sieves necessary for handling these materials. If you and your company stay on top of oil changes and do it regularly, you can greatly extend the life of your machinery. Having an adequate supply of filters at the ready will ensure each machine runs smoothly in perpetuity.

Fasteners are another item to always have on deck. A sizable collection is necessary if you want to stay on top of standard upkeep and be ready for emergency repairs should they arise. Having the right sized bolt or screw available when you need it is paramount.

Finally, buying parts that you will rarely use will often be followed by high or hidden costs as well as wasted resources. Stock managers must know what items are running low, how much of that item needs to be ordered, and what items can wait. Mastering the ordering systems to save necessary time and costs is something all managers should strive for.

For a more detailed look into how to buy in bulk, please see the accompanying guide.

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