3 Questions To Ask A Landscaping Company

Out of the many landscaping companies around, who do you think is the best one to supply you with all your landscaping project needs? Of course, if you fail to find the right supplier, there is a huge chance that your business reputation may also get jeopardized. The quality of their trees will have a huge impact on your landscaping project, hence, if you get a low quality of trees, expect that it will reflect on your integrity as a landscaper.

To make sure you can partner with the best landscaping supplier, ask them questions before securing a deal.  

What if the trees and sod grass I received did not match my expectations?

It is not enough that you know they have a reliable sod grass farm, you also have to make sure that you know what is in it for you, in the event that you did not get the quality of trees and grass you agreed upon.

You have to secure your investments all the time, especially if it will cause a huge impact on the quality of service you will provide to your clients.

What is the coverage of your warranty?

You have to know the warranty they provide on the items they sell. What if the tree you purchased dies after a week? What if the grass turns brown immediately after installing it?

You need to know the warranty the supplier includes on the items they sell, and you have to share the information to your client, so they know that they won’t end up wasting money in the event that something comes up with the plants you put on their property.

How do you deal with wholesale orders?

You are running a business, hence, it is only fair that you know their terms in the event that you place an order of plants in bulk. Do they offer larger discounts when you order a larger amount of landscaping supplies? Will they deliver it to wherever you want them to deliver it?

Will they allow you to get the supplies using a certain credit limit? All these you need to know if you want to get the best deal.

The more questions you ask, the closer you can get from finding the right landscaping supplier to do business with. As long as your questions are related to the service they offer, like those questions stated above, there is no reason why you would hesitate to ask.

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