The International Business Awards Honor the Online Trading Academy For Winning Efforts in the Educational Sphere

There have been few moments in life that have tested individuals and organizations more than the COVID-19 pandemic. Swooping in during the onset of 2020 and lasting until the time of this writing, the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way we interfaced with one another, adjusting how we even approach learning and functioning within the business world.

As much of the world came to a stop during the early days of COVID-19, the team of online learning experts at Online Trading Academy instead molded their efforts to fit the newly changing landscape. As a result of their efforts, Online Trading Academy enjoyed a momentous couple of years for which their work was honored by the International Business Awards.

Lauded For Excellence

Founded over 25 years ago, Online Trading Academy burst onto the scene as a learning resource for students looking to improve their financial trading acumen. Focusing on instilling good habits while reducing bad outcomes, Online Trading Academy exists on the CliK platform where the software is programmed to tell students when they should deviate from their rules, while Stratos gives every student the chance to work at their own pace.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was easy to see how important it was for companies and individuals to adapt. Steve Albin, the Vice President of Product Operations at Online Trading Academy, stated, “CliK, our proprietary trading analysis and education platform coupled with Stratos is that innovation.”

From top to bottom, the Online Trading Academy came out to answer the call when they were announced as major winners by the International Business Awards.

Eyal Marmareli, the Chief Technology Officer at OTA, stated in an interview, “OTA loves to be blazing a new trail (…) Facing an immediate need to shift from offering in-person classes to a remote learning model, we needed to quickly pivot to a solution that would provide more effective distance teaching capabilities.”

Pointing to their proprietary methods, Marmareli underscored the ability of students to spend more time practicing, making mistakes, correcting them, and mastering their skills with the Stratos system. Focusing on a seamless learning experience, Stratos empowers students to thrive no matter their personal learning efforts.

Looking to the Future

Finding success in today’s tech-driven world requires a focus on innovation and customer service. Stratos seeks to empower students and instructors alike to learn at their best in an environment conducive to their best qualities.

When reviewed by judging at the International Business Awards, judges stated, “OTA provided sufficient claims, proof, and testimonials that exhibit the value Stratos – their new technology in the guided learning space – brings to new and learning traders.”

OTA was lauded by the International Business Awards for its proprietary Stratos technology, which allows teachers to engage directly with students in a digital sphere, providing content, feedback, and guidance throughout the course. Along the way, students and teachers alike will learn how to trade in a sandbox where skills can be cultivated, muscles hardened, and memories focused.

According to Online Trading Academy, the best way to cultivate a successful career in trading is by practicing and repeating your techniques alongside a skilled instructor.

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